Right.  So I’ve decided to do this whole 100 Days to Make Me a Better Person thing.  Partly because I think Josie Long is lovely, and partly because I want to be a better person.  But mostly because I’m a little bit boring and want something at least vaguely interesting to tweet and blog about.

I decided to do 100 Days a while back, but agonized over what to do, wondering if I should find an old lady to help across the street each day or give some money to a poor person or something.  Josie writes:

All you have to do is decide on a project to do every day for a hundred days.

It can be the same thing every day or working towards something big. The only thing is that it has to be towards improving yourself. Make yourself friendlier, stronger, wiser or just sillier!

Now, I like to consider myself a creative person.  The problem is, I don’t actually do creative things very often.  Like, definitely not every day.  And even when I do something creative, I don’t normally show people.  So I’ve decided to tweet a play every day.  I’ll write a tiny play in 140 characters every day for 100 days and at the end I’ll have 100 plays.  And I will then be a better person.

Follow me here and/or on Twitter: @gregwohead

And because today is day one:

In the Office

Dee: If they made a film of your life, who would play you?

Janine ponders this deeply, looks up from her tea.

Janine: Cher.

Only 99 to go.

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  1. Neil says:

    I love your 100 days idea. One of the best I’ve seen yet! Looking forward to reading more.

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