Towel snaps and purple nurples

On the Platform With My Ex
Ted: I hate rain.
Bea: Grim.
Ted: Nothin worse. ‘Cept maybe the wrong end of a wedgie.
He cringes & turns.
Bea spots her golden opportunity.

So when I started this blog (yesterday) I thought maybe I would post my play per day for 100 Days and that would pretty much be it, there would really be nothing more to blog about.

Oh how wrong I was.

When coming up with ideas for today’s twitterplay, I started with the weather (which is— in London— rank).  At first I had a little scene where it turns out Ted has a fear of moisture (genius idea, I know- must be a gift from God or something), and I thought it would be funny for Bea to give him a wet willy.  But then I stopped.  Do they have wet willies in the UK, or is that strictly a gift reserved for those in Texas?

I immediately texted five of my closest friends regarding the matter, but in the meantime— doing my own research— I stumbled across the most amazing (and informative) Wikipedia article, where one finds the definition of a wet willy:

Usually performed on a sleeping or otherwise unsuspecting person, the perpetrator of a wet willy wets his or her finger with saliva and inserts it into the ear of the victim.

Other notables in this List of School Pranks include the flat tire, the noogie and the nipple cripple (aka ruby booby, titty twister or purple nurple).

And you don’t even want to know what a slimy buffalo is.

In the end, I learned that the term ‘wet willy’ just isn’t as widely recognised in the UK as I had hoped.  So I decided to go with the classic wedgie.

Every day’s a school day.

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