The Rules

It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time
Julia: Did you hear that?
John: Hear wha-
Julia: There! Did you hear it?
John: No.
Julia: Just listen.
They listen intently.
John farts.

I have to say, I’m having great fun with this already and it’s only day 3 of 100 Days.

My pledge is to tweet a play every day, but now that I have the experience of 3 whole days behind me, I’ve realised I might have to add some sub-pledges to that pledge:

  1. Every play must be 140 characters or less (obviously) and able to fit into one @gregwohead tweet.
  2. In situations where I am not able to fit the play of the day with room to tag #100Days in a single tweet, I may tweet a link which leads to the tweet-length play and is tagged with #100Days.
  3. The title doesn’t count and will not be included in the tweet, but is an extra special bonus which appears on the blog (ooo, aren’t you lucky).
  4. I probably won’t blog about it every day (that wasn’t part of the pledge), but already I’ve blogged more than expected and will continue to do so as and when I feel like it.

That should cover it.  I can’t think of any more rules right now.

Also, you should definitely check out some other Hundred Days blogs.  My favourites so far:

  • mybitofsky— Gorgeous daily photos of things left behind in the street.
  • Untitled #23— 100 days of art.  Incredibly moving from Day 1.
  • Beginnings— 100 novel beginnings.  I’d like to read the rest of the bear story, please.
  • …waves in Warsaw— 100 days of Polish and blogging.  And sometimes Susan Boyle (though let’s hope she doesn’t feature too heavily).

I’m sure there are many more amazing HundredDayers, so search for #100Days on Twitter to find them.

And thanks for all the mentions/well wishes/encouragement.

Here’s to the next 97 days.

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