The Art of the Twitdrama

So how will tweeting a play a day for 100 days make me a better person?

I wondered that myself.

I think mainly it’s about committing myself to be creative in a way that’s really do-able.  I have ideas all the time— for plays, writing projects, short films, whatever— but it’s very easy just to have the idea and then let it go or think of a million different reasons why I can’t/shouldn’t/don’t actually want to do them.

So they don’t get done.

This is a way for me create something every day, however small, and more importantly to show what I’ve created.  Because that’s the other thing.  It’s about throwing loads of ideas out and seeing what sticks.  Already, I can see that some twitterplays have worked and others haven’t, but the great thing about doing them every day for 100 days is that it doesn’t really matter if some are utter crap— there will be loads of others to distract you (though I suppose that theory doesn’t hold well if they’re all utter crap).

And maybe there will be a few that make me really proud.

It may sound a bit silly to talk about twitterplays like this, but it’s actually turning out to be a real art.  With only 140 characters you have to carefully consider what is absolutely necessary to tell a little story and cut out everything that isn’t.  You have to consider precise names that convey characterisation when there isn’t enough space to describe a character.  And what does a title add to a play?  Where do ideas come from?

I still don’t know exactly where I’m headed with this project, but that’s another part of why I chose it, I guess.  To feel it out as I go and decide the next step from where I’m standing now.

So that’s why I’m doing it.

Well, that and so I can get business cards that read:

Greg Wohead, Twitterplaywright.


This Time I’m Serious *
Jo: I’m pregs.
Ben: Yeah?
Jo: So.
Ben: Well, here. It’s all I have on me.
Jo: You do realise you can’t just sponsor it for 50p a day.

*This and all my twitterplays for 100 Days to Make Me a Better Person can be found each day for the next 89 days by following me on Twitter: @gregwohead. They won’t all be posted here on the blog.  I’m too lazy.

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