I know a gay

My friend, Andrew, has begun his own 100Days pledge:

Easily, one of the most important and rewarding events of my life thus far was telling my friends and family that I am gay. In the years since, I have become increasingly more active in the LGBT community, recently attending the National Equality March in Washington DC. At that rally at the foot of the Capitol and others I have attended, it has been repeated that in order to create change, you have to tell people you’re gay. Friends, family, coworkers. You have to let them know that they know someone who is gay… Therefore, for my Hundred Days project, I will tell one person daily that they know someone who is gay – me.

Such an amazing and inspiring project, you should definitely check out his blog: youknowagay.

And in honour of Andrew, here is today’s twitterplay:

Come On Out
Hector: Carrie, can I-
Carrie: Wait. I know what this is. Oh my god. You’re gay.
Hector: N-well yes. Obviously. But can I use your pen?

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  1. raker says:

    I like this one a lot. It makes me think of the day andrew told me (of course it was nothing like this. :)). I enjoy reading your plays everyday, and I often retweet them in hopes my students will read them. 🙂

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