The First Step to 26.2 Miles

Harry ties his trainers, heads to the door. Stops. He forgot his iPod. Goes to get it, comes back. Braces himself. Goes out the door.

Today wasn’t actually my first step to finishing the Brighton Marathon (though it makes for better dramatic effect in a twitterplay), it was sort of my first actual step, if that makes sense.

While I’ve been sticking my toes back into running for several weeks now, today I plunged back into training for #4 on my 27 List:

I ran 8 miles, which I admit isn’t that far considering the distance I’m shooting for, but it was enough to remind me how much I love running.  I went along the canal out to Hackney Marshes, past the construction site for the 2012 Olympics and back along the canal.

For the first time in months I ran through that barrier (for me it’s about 4-5 miles) beyond which my breathing regulates and I really get into the rhythm.  It’s probably because my mind goes a little bit fuzzy at that point; I’m not sure that’s supposed to happen, but I’m going with it.

And I love/hate that final stretch where you know you’ve almost made it and you put on a good song that motivates you to sprint to the end.

So thanks, Moby, for that.

Oh, and must not forget to say thanks to Lizzie Poulton (@LizziePoulton) for giving me the suggestion AGES ago of ‘marathon’.  Thanks!  Sorry it took me so long to get there.

But better late then never.

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