Welcome Home!

Lou: Ah, home. This bed never felt so soft.
Jess: I should have told you this sooner–
Lou: What.
Jess: Tigger gave birth on your pillow.

I’ve only just realized that I’m about to complete my first 27 List item:

Likely Story is doing a project this weekend:

On Saturday 6th Feb, Likely Story will convene for 1 day, emerging at 5pm Sunday 7th Feb to share a brand new short piece about HOME.

We want you to help us create this piece. What reminds you of HOME? What does HOME mean to you?

Submit a bit of text, a picture, a video, an article, a song, a recipe. Anything, really:
-Post it on the Facebook event‘s wall.
-Post it on our FB page wall.
-Tweet it to us (@_LikelyStory) with the hashtag #LSPlayDay so we can find it.

We’ll use it as inspiration for the project. The more varied, the better. We know you guys live in many different places all around the world; the UK, US, Canada and beyond, and we’d like to know what HOME means to you.

If you’d like to come see the short piece we’ll have created in a day, we’d love to have you. We’ll be showing it at 5pm 7th February at a secret location in Cardiff, so just message us privately or email us on info@likelystory.org.uk to find out where it is.

And since we know many of you won’t be anywhere near Cardiff that weekend, you can track our progress on Facebook and Twitter (@_LikelyStory_), and we’ll even record the showing in some way, whether it be video, photographic or interpretive dance, and share it with you.

Feel free to share this little project with anyone.

Best wishes,
Likely Story

That’s all happening this weekend.  If you wanted to get involved that would be really cool.

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