Homage/Plagiarism Week

Right I’ve finally got caught up on my 100days project.  It has been a bit hit-and-miss the past couple of weeks, so I hope I can power on through to day 100.

It’s homage (plagiarism) week, so my I’m taking some inspiration from some of my favourite 100 dayers:

Day 73: This One’s For Gran

Jan: Do you realise this is the first time I’ve ever embroidered a vagina?
Beth: Really? I’ve done it loads. Pass me that tiny pink button.

Homage to: Nikki and her 100 firsts project.  Nikki’s firsts range from getting booed offstage to trying pickled walnuts.

Day 74: A Sensible Pair of Heels

Kev: I’m gay.
Gail: But our marriage. Oh God. But that expla-
Kev: Not really. It’s this project I’m doing. Wait, what were you gonna say?

Homage to: Andrew Phifer, a clear favourite of the 100 Days project, and rightly so. He’s coming out to one person each day for 100 days and tracking his progress on his blog.

Day 75: In Memoriam (based on this wikipedia article)

Gus: What a waste of money. Another memorial fountain for some poor fool who’s six feet under and can’t argue.
Lyndall: Damn shame.

Homage to: Ben Partridge and his Random Article project.

Day 76: So Close

A party. A banner reads ‘Happy 100th Marge’.
Abby: She’s coming up the walk!
Everyone hides. Abby turns out the lights. Marge enters.

Homage to: Michael Sheen, writing 100 beginnings (well, 99 beginnings and one ending).  Lookie here.

Day 77: Heads Up Seven Up, a play about copying someone else’s work

Ms Nix: Ok, you have ten minutes to- Kimmy! Eyes on your own paper!
Kimmy: But Ms N-
Ms Nix: No buts. You want a detention?

Homage to: Lizzie Poulton, where the plagiarism began.

Two more days of plagiarism week. Follow the rest of my plays on Twitter: @gregwohead if you like that kind of thing.

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