Day 101

Long Live the Queen
Cy: I’ve got a surprise.
Deb: Please listen. I just said I want to break up.
Cy: So this isn’t a good time to show you my Union Jack thong?

So, only nine more days to go.  I’ve got two items to put forward on the agenda.

1. The Museum of One Hundred Days (part of the London Word Festival), Wed 10th March, 7pm @ Work Dalston.  Tix: £10 adv/£12 door.  There will be lots of amazing people there showing what they’ve done for the past 100 days.  I’ve got my very own plinth, but the question is: what should I put on it?  I’d like to display my twitter plays in some way and, aside from hiring two gnomes to act them out on top of my small plinth, which brings about all sorts of issues, I’ve considered a digital photo frame or just a nice little handwritten book.  What do you think?  Suggestions on a postcard, please.

2. I’ve been wondering, as I know a few fellow 100 Dayers have: what happens on Day 101?

I’ve really enjoyed this project in a huge way.  I don’t know if it awakened my inner writer or if these hundred days just happened to coincide with a new stage in my life, but I think back to 1st December and I definitely feel different (and I would venture to say better).  I have a loads of thoughts about the past 100 days, but I think I’ll save that for the end.  What I’m concerned with now is what to do on Day 101.

I know I want to carry on the twitter plays in some way.  Well, I’m kind of limited actually, they have to be on Twitter or it defeats the whole purpose.  But I don’t want to carry on with the project as if it never stopped because I think I’ll find it just won’t be the same without my fellow 100Dayers.

So I’m thinking of starting a Twitter account exclusively for the twitter plays and writing one when I feel like it, which I intend to be quite regularly.  But how should I work this?  Obviously twitter plays posted on a single account won’t have room for any titles (as it will exceed the 140 char. limit), which are sometimes my favourite part. But if I have them all in one place people can see them immediately in their feed without having to click any links, and it will also be easier for people to retweet if they so desire.  Or maybe I’ve given this entirely too much thought and I should just shut up about it.

What do you think?

And what will you do on Day 101?


  1. conspiretheatre says:

    Do an audio recording of them and put little speakers up with the plays on a loop. If you had more time, you could get someone to do animations for them.

  2. Cat says:

    go for the gnomes.


    print them on cards. you could even have them in a presentation tin/box. people can shuffle through them and read them.

  3. Nikki Shaill says:

    I second the audio recording idea. Could just have on an ipod with headphones attached for people to come and listen to them all on a loop.

  4. Vera says:

    1. If you’re still thinking about it: I like the digital photo frame idea. With a nice clean font. The problem being how long each image would be up for. OR a typed book. For some reason I am not going for the hand-written vibe this time round.

    2. Hm. Yes, the titles are v.good. So twitter ain’t so great. Do you find people have been responding well and clicking on the twitter link to your blog? Perhaps you’ll have to start up a fresh blog page. Maybe up it a level and get some images to go with the plays, working in collaboration with someone else? Would they ever work in some sort of live setting? Or filmed?


  5. Vera says:

    OOoh, just saw the suggestions above for cards in tin. I like that. Then several people can have a look at them at the same time.

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