100 Days and Beyond

So the 100 Days are over.  There was a big lovely event where everyone showed off what they had been up to and Josie Long and a few other people talked about their project.  Look here for stuff about the fantastic event.

So am I a better person?  You could muse all day about what that actually means, and lots of people have.  Does doing something artistic make you a better person?  It probably wouldn’t make everyone a better person, but it has made me one.

More than being artistic (if you can call twitter plays art—I do, incidentally), I’ve actually shared pieces of myself, however small, and honestly I think that means something.  I think that’s a big part of why the work of one of my favourite fellow 100 Dayers, Edward Ross, was so compelling; he shared with us tiny moments of his past, present and future.

Why is it that sharing part yourself can be so meaningful?  That’s better left for someone else to discuss (someone who likes being Deep and Meaningful), but I know that it is.

So I think I’ll keep this blog alive, transitioning over to stuff about the 27 List or anything really, I’ll figure it out as I go along.

I sort of feel like this post is a little self indulgent, but I kinda felt like it was important.

Let me know if I’m being too self indulgent/boring/wet in future, won’t you?

Oh, and I’ll still write some twitter plays from time to time.  It’s too much fun just to stop.  Check them out (@shortplays).

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