the1four1 of the3six5

I’ve been keeping up with the3six5 all year. It’s a fantastic project by Len Kendall and Daniel Honigman in which someone from somewhere in the world writes a post each day about their experience of that day. It’s super-lovely and really varied. It’s thoughtful, funny and brave.

Yesterday, 21st May, day 141, I contributed a post to the project. Check it out here along with all the other posts. I’ve also reposted it below.

Today it was hot—or at least hot in London terms. Six years in the UK and my concept of hot weather has changed dramatically; I’ve suppressed my inner Texan. The second the sun made an appearance this morning I headed to the park to shiver on a blanket. London Fields was packed with cut-off shorts, barbecues, rosé, twiddly mustaches and tramps.

A day experienced in bits and pieces. Satisfaction in unrelated things mashed together. Like a unicorn sandwich.

Today I saw a baby receive a personal performance of “The Wheels on the Bus” from a lager-swigging busker in the park. The baby’s parents both took videos on their iPhones of the baby gurgling and dribbling on its shirt, but I thought the busker was more interesting. At least he could play the banjo.

I guess I’m not much of a baby person.

Today my girlfriend and I talked about names. It’s a recurring game that started a few years ago with ridiculous cat names, but now we’ve progressed to hypothetical baby names. If we ever have a baby girl she wants to name it Anna-Nicole, Miracle or Shirley.

Today I didn’t go for a run. I’m resting a self-diagnosed sprained big toe in the lead up to the Stockholm Marathon next week.

Today I listened to pigeons outside my bedroom window. A friend once told me that when pigeons coo it always sounds like they’re saying, “My foot hurts, Betty”. Now whenever pigeons are around it’s all I can think about.

Today I had an impromptu photo shoot with my cat, Mona. What started out as a couple of quick snaps to catch her looking out the window at a pigeon turned into an hour-long feline modeling session in which I tried to capture the essence of her soul in a single definitive portrait. I think I may have succeeded.

And today I’ve had the urge to listen to Fleetwood Mac. I’m not saying it’s because of Glee’s recent Rumours episode, but I’m also not saying it isn’t.

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