going solo

I’ve just finished a few performances of I never even killed a bird at The Yard. It’s a storytelling piece with projected illustration that started life a few months ago at Samantha’s Sunday Night Supper Club. I had loads of fun and had some really great audiences in.

It was such a funny experience, sharing a bit about my life with an audience in the context of a show, but I was reminded how much I really love connecting with people in that context and how much people appreciate it when a performer really shares something of themselves. Loveliness all around.

Also: I got to draw some things…



and I made up a song.


So thank you super-mega-bigtime to:

-everyone at The Yard for making what they’ve made (which is pretty special) and giving me the opportunity and an excuse to try out my little idea. If you haven’t been there yet, go. It’ll only be there through October. Great art, nice people, gorgeous food.

Camille Bozzini for providing me with perfect publicity illustrations.

Othello Woolf for letting me use his music in my trailer and in the show.

-Tom Elstob (The Idol Rich) for helping me make up a song.

-Hetty and Bryony for providing me with an essential outside eye when I started going crazy in a rehearsal room on my own.

All photos by the amazing Katherine Leedale.

And lastly, I’m THRILLED to say I’ll be performing I never even killed a bird on two more occasions this month:

October 13th, 7pm at LVX Books in Bethnal Green. It will be a lovely little intimate performance in the bookshop. Looking forward to doing some storytelling surrounded by books.

October 28th and 29th as part of the nabokov Arts Club at BAC. This will be an awesome night by nabokov, filling every space at BAC with theatre, comedy, performance, happenings, music, DJs, etc. It will basically be All The Art. You’ll find me both nights tucked in an upstairs room with a fire in the fireplace projecting on the walls and telling a story. I’m beyond excited about this.

PLEASE DO come to either (or both!) of these. I promise they’ll be awesome. And totally fun.

I mean, Inmate Renshaw will be there…

All for now.


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