a call out

I’m looking for a musician.

I’m beginning to work on something new, and I need a musical collaborator. At the moment the project is called The Many Apologies of Pecos Bill. Part of the inspiration is the Texas Tall Tale of Pecos Bill, which is about the “greatest cowboy of all time”. Basically, he did lots of amazing things. Things like lasso-ing a tornado (he used a rattlesnake for a lasso, by the way) and shooting every star out of the sky (except for the Lone Star of Texas, that is). But one of the most interesting parts of the story is to do with his love for Slue-Foot Sue, who rode a giant catfish down the Rio Grande River.

With this project I’m using Pecos Bill as a starting point, combined with autobiographical material about myself growing up and living in Texas. I’m exploring tall tales; the use of exaggeration to tell a bigger truth. I’m exploring landscape and images of physical land and how it relates to the feeling you get for a place. I’m looking at what it means to be from a place and how that place can take on a mythical, larger-than-life quality when you leave it. And how I’m not a very Texan Texan.

I’m exploring these things with storytelling, a pico projector (which I’ve used before in pieces like this one and this one), and music. I’m looking to collaborate with a musician both in the development of the piece and live onstage in performance.

Here’s what I think I’m looking for:

  • someone who plays an instrument and has an interest in music with an American country flavour. This isn’t strictly country music, though could be. I’m thinking guitar, banjo, harmonica, bass. Something that can speak to the essence and the flavour of Texas, though if your music is electronic, for instance, and could be used to speak to that, I’d love to hear from you.
  • someone who is able to make original music, either background/soundtrack music or soundscape, individual songs or both.
  • not necessarily someone who has theatre/performance experience. It’s more important that you are a musician. But you should be up for working in a theatre/performance context.
  • someone who is definitely available 25th-29th September, when the piece will be performed at The Yard.

Here’s what I can offer you:

  • a genuine collaboration. A lot of the piece will be determined by who I end up working with. It’s a project I care about, and I want you to care about it too and have a real influence on what it becomes.
  • I’ll be upfront: I’m looking to secure funding for this project, so the hope and intention is that everyone involved will be paid, but at the moment this isn’t guaranteed. The project won’t begin rehearsing until sometime in July or August, by which point I will know for sure, but right now I’m looking to meet people who are interested in the project.
  • The project is part of the second season at The Yard in Hackney Wick. By working on a Yard project you will become part of the Yard Ensemble, a community of over 100 theatre-makers, directors, musicians, actors, designers and other artists who are showing work there this year. It’s a brilliant, supportive community to be a part of where there are opportunities to make contact and share work.

The aim is for this project to eventually have a long life beyond the Yard, but in the first instance I’m looking for someone to collaborate with for the Yard performances in September.

Here are a few stylistic references for what I’ve been thinking up to this point. It’s not hard and fast, but it will give you an idea of where I’m at with it:

Phillip Roebuck

16 Horsepower

Explosions in the Sky

If you’re a musician and you’re interested, please get in touch by email – gwohead@gmail.com. Tell me a little about yourself and include any links to your music. We can meet for a coffee and I’ll tell you more about the project and I can find out more about you. Or if you’re interested, but want to see my work first, I’m doing a showing of a piece called I like the way you wear your hair this coming Monday the 14th, 7.30pm at The Yard. More information and tickets here.

I’m massively excited about this project and I’m really looking forward to collaborating with someone awesome.

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