Sharing Bill

Development for The Many Apologies of Pecos Bill has started in earnest. It feels good. I’ve been working for the past week with a terrific musician collaborator, Mat Martin. Here’s a bit of video; a glimpse into five days of development:

I’m making more of an effort to document my process this time around—this little video is one of the ways I’m doing that. I’m still not brilliant at documenting everything, but even the little things I’ve done so far have been hugely valuable. I’m realizing how easy it is to lose ideas, thoughts and processes when you don’t capture them in the moment and how much time I have probably wasted in the past treading old ground because I’ve forgotten where I was and what I’ve done.

I was totally inspired by the wonderful Wooster Group’s dailies, so I’m making an effort to regularly grab a camera and capture some of what I experience in the development of this project. I’m hoping that by doing that I’ll start to get a better handle on how I work and how I can work better.

This round of Pecos Bill development is culminating in four shows at The Yard, Hackney Wick, 25-28 September. The show will be on as part of Heaven is a Place on Earth—a Festival, which is well worth checking out. My show will be on as part of a double bill with the sure-to-be-terrific John-Luke Roberts doing a show called Sock Puppet. Info and tickets for both shows here.

Also, if you’re interested, I recently guest-posted for the super-nice Kosha Engler on her American Actress in London blog here.

Hope to share more of Bill soon.

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