Revisiting #100days

You may or may not (probably not) remember back in 2009, that I did this little thing called 100 Days To Make Me a Better Person. It was a project connected to the London Word Festival that year with a simple concept: make a commitment to doing something each day for 100 days that will, in fact, make you a better person.


I chose to write a play every day for 100 days on Twitter. Might seem like a small, easy thing to do, but for me it was a way to do a little something creative every day (something that was severely lacking in my life as I sat unhappily in an office).

So I did it. I wrote 100 tiny twitterplays. Some are shitty, some are kind of funny, some are boring, but I did it. And I met lots of cool people through Twitter who were doing their own 100-day challenges.

And Michael Ian Black had this to day about my plays:

Picture 1

The 100 Days challenge was the little kick-start I needed at the time, and in some way it probably has a bit to do with why I started making my own performance work.

I’ve been wanting to find a home for my collection of 100 twitterplays since I wrote them around 3 1/2 years ago, but could never figure out the best way to do it (also, I was a bit lazy). I liked how the nature of my task meant that plays appeared every day and then fell down the timeline until they vanished, but since I wrote them I’ve wanted to find some way of keeping and showing them, if nothing else just to mark the time I wrote them.

So I’ve put them in their own little corner of this site. Who knows if it’s the perfect way to show them, but I like it, so here they are in a piece of documentation called HUNDRED:

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    oooh – fancy!

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