On the road with Pecos Bill

West Texas 26

It has been in the works for quite awhileresidencies with Waleslab and The Basement, work-in-progress showings at The Yard and Battersea Arts Centre, a pilgrimage to the desert of West Texas to see the Davis Mountains and McDonald Observatory, a Performance in the Puband now I’m thrilled to announce an autumn tour for The Many Apologies of Pecos Bill, kicking off at Battersea Arts Centre on 22nd and 23rd October.

I’ll be working again with the wonderful Mat Martin, and it’s a piece I can’t wait to share with people in London, Didcot, Margate, Cardiff, Exeter and Bracknell over the next couple of months.

For me, this is a very personal show. It’s about the idea of home and being far away from a place to which your identity is linked. The show is about a mythical cowboy called Pecos Bill, who is from the same place as me: Texas. I started making the show when I had spent enough time away from home to forget a lot of things about it and to make up a lot of things about it. I loved that, so I made a show that’s basically a tall tale about real life. With banjo and guitar music. True stories with a healthy amount of exaggeration.


A new element of the show I’m massively excited about is the print, designed and illustrated by Lee Keith Innes:

pecos bill flyers

There are three versions of the flyer, which match up to form one complete image. It was Lee’s brilliant idea, and it makes the flyer a great introduction to the show. For me, it speaks to the fragmentary nature of the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves and how we try to match that up and make it make sense. Keep a look out for them.

I’m so looking forward to sharing this piece with you. Please come join me and invite anyone you think might be interested.




22 + 23 Oct

Battersea Arts Centre


24 Oct

Cornerstone Arts Centre


8 Nov

Tom Thumb Theatre


13 Nov

WMC, Weston Studio


18 Nov

The Bike Shed Theatre


20 Nov

South Hill Park


Pecos Bill print

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