Recorded Chat #1: Rebecca Atkinson-Lord

I’ve been wanting to do some sort of podcast-y/audio-something project for awhile now, having been an enthusiastic listener of such casually chatty podcasts as Nerdist, WTF or the terrific OK Radio. This project, Recorded Chats, is hugely influenced and inspired by stuff like that.

stereo drawing

I feel like I’ve started to gather bits of experience and a better understanding of making and touring my own performance work over the past few years, but I remember feeling a little lost at certain points, unsure of processes or ways forward; who I should approach or how I should approach them about my work (I still feel like that quite often). And while there’s probably no one right way to do things, I think everyone could benefit from opening up conversations around artists and organisations; who people are, what they value, how they like to work.

This is the first in what will at least be a mini-series of Recorded Chats. I wanted an excuse to talk to people involved in venues and organisations about performance, programming, relationships with artists, what they like to cook, where they’re from. Anything, really. I wanted a reason to sit down with some of the people I sometimes try to convince to support or programme my work and to be two human beings having a conversation.

Having a Recorded Chat with a microphone sitting between us under the umbrella of a project gives me that excuse.

I’m happy to share with you a great chat I had with Rebecca Atkinson-Lord, theatre maker and co-director of theatre at Ovalhouse, where I have spent some time developing The Ted Bundy Project. We accidentally talked for over two hours, so I’ve edited it down a bit and separated it into two parts.

Below is part one, in which we discuss theatrical mavericks, food as art, Rebecca’s experiences running a venue with Rachel Briscoe, venue logos and the best ways of taking risks and supporting artists.

I hope you enjoy it.


  1. Alina Hughes says:

    Hi, this is so interesting: is there a part 2?

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