Comeback Special: a producer callout

I’m looking to work with an independent producer on my upcoming show, Comeback Special.

I’m used to self-producing most of my own work. I like doing it, and because of the small scale of my work, so far there hasn’t been a huge need to hand over producing duties to someone else except in specific circumstances when I have worked with some brilliant people in specific ways.

Comeback Special will require some extra hands on deck to make the project the best it can be and to get the show out there in the best way possible, so this post is an invitation to producers to have a conversation about what working together might look like and to see about working together on this piece or on something in the future.

This post is basically a way for me to say that I’m open and looking for a producer.

I realise that many independent producers like to work on a project from its inception and that this project is well into its development life. I’m seeing this as a way to try out working together in a way that isn’t such a deep commitment. Maybe if we like working together we can do it more deeply on another project in the future.

Basic information about the show:
Comeback Special is a solo reenactment (performed by me) of Elvis Presley’s 1968 Comeback TV Special orbiting around ideas of slippage, The Comeback, time drag and inaccuracy. There’s a bit more about the show and commissioning partners here. A clip from the original TV special is here.
-The show is partway through development. Funding is in place and a London premiere is set for Spring 2016 followed by initial tour dates to 3 additional venues in the UK.

The sort of thing I’d like a producer to do:
-Since the funding and development plan is in place, I’m looking for someone to support in the last push of development and premiere as well as initial tour dates.
-Support (or lead) in seeking out and booking future dates for the show
-Work with me on budget management, issuing contracts, press and marketing, venue communication, etc
-Being my sounding board and lending your expertise in all things to do with managing the project and making it happen

The sort of producer with whom I’m looking to connect:
-Ideally someone who has seen and likes my work
-Someone who has some availability leading up to the London premiere March 2016
-Someone who is ridiculously organised
-Someone with experience managing projects and tour booking
-Someone really nice and fun to work with

As funding is already in place, this role will be paid at a standard industry rate.

If a conversation about this sounds interesting to you, email me on by Friday 30 October. If we don’t know each other (or even if we do), it would be great to know a bit about you, the kind of stuff you do, why this sounds interesting to you and whatever else you want me to know.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

greg3023 rit

photo by Manuel Vason

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