Wanted: Technical Manager

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I’m looking for a London-based technical manager for the London premiere and initial tour dates of my upcoming show, Comeback Special, a peculiar re-enactment of Elvis Presley’s 1968 Comeback Special. The show has an in-the-round set up, and therefore specific lighting and sound design as well as some projection, so some experience and confidence in all these areas is a necessity. More information on the show can be found here.

Basic Duties:
-Participate in the planning process between now and March 2016 (this won’t involve a heavy time commitment, but will involve equipment hire and advising on logistics)
-Manage all get-ins and get-outs
-Operate lighting, sound and projection for the show
-Drive a van (must have driving license)
-Liaise with venue technical departments on requirements and timings
-Being nice and fun to work with

Performance Dates:
-22-26 March, London premiere at Shoreditch Town Hall (get in from 21 March). There will also be 2-3 London rehearsal dates in early-mid March, TBC.
-10 May, tour date
-15 May, tour date
The show will hopefully have a life beyond the initial Spring 2016 dates, so there is potential for an ongoing role, but initially we are looking for someone to commit to the Spring 2016 dates.

Please quote your day rate when when applying. This is a funded project and will be paid to a mutually agreed industry standard rate.

Please drop me an email by the end of 4 January 2016 7th January (date extended) outlining relevant experience and send a current CV: greg@gregwohead.com. I look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. Vera Chok says:

    Greg I’m sending this to my friend Gary Merry. I hope he applies. He’s awesome.

    Vera Chok +44 (0)7825 587 747 http://www.verachok.org


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