A haunting

Nearly a year ago I got Manuel Vason to work with me a on a photography project as part of the development of Comeback Special. The show hadn’t been made yet, so the resulting images aren’t from the performance itself, which came much later, but we got together in the basement of Shoreditch Town Hall for an afternoon and played around with some ideas that ended up influencing what the show would later become.

Since all we have to access Elvis’ original 1968 Comeback Special is a video document, I was interested in what could be found in documentation as part of the process. Now looking back at these photographs I see myself a year younger than I am now with a year’s less experience, a year’s less knowledge.

Manuel and I tried to create some images that felt haunted. Something to do with conjuring. Something to do with taking a position of simultaneous power and vulnerability. A performed sex appeal. A sense of effort, work.

These are some of the images that resulted.


Upcoming performance of Comeback Special 10th May at South Street Arts Centre in Reading, 12th and 13th May at Mayfest in Bristol and 15th May at Brighton Festival/Caravan Showcase.

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