Collaborating Artist/Performer Call Out

I’m looking for a collaborating performer for an early-stage R&D week on a new project, Call it a Day.

I’m at a point in my practice where I’m looking to open out and to collaborate in different ways.  This is an invitation for anyone to get in touch who might be interested in working with me so that I can reach outside my go-to immediate circle or become aware of someone I already know who I may not have realised would be interested. It probably helps if you’re familiar with my work and feel some sort of connection with it, but it’s not a necessity.

This would be for a 1 week R&D process 10-14 July (some availability conflicts can possibly be accommodated) working with me as lead artist and Vera Chok and Season Butler as collaborators, culminating in a public work-in-progress showing the evening of the 14 July at The Yard in London as part of their First Drafts programme.

About the project

Call it a Day stems from a remembered conversation I had in 2009 with an Amish couple in central Illinois. The project takes that exchange as its source and replays it on a loop – best summed up as a live art Amish ‘Groundhog Day’. Through an almost musical progression of repetitions, we turn one afternoon into a strange, kaleidoscopic examination of how we present ourselves to one another—how we control our self-presentation and when we lose it. In an increasingly divided cultural landscape, I feel prompted to explore the tensions between the liberal and the conservative, the progressive and the traditional, the secular and the faithful.

A group of four performers enact the original experience, taking turns stepping into each persona, effectively fictionalizing them and diversifying the experience. With each looped retelling, different liberties are taken as they alter the story, sometimes subtly, sometimes wildly. Through these repositionings, we lean into a sense of the queer, the anti-binary, the plural. We attempt to undermine the power structures that reinforce divisions in our society while we struggle to confront our complicity in their continuance.

What the time will likely involve

-Open and honest discussion about the project topics
-Storytelling-style improvisation in the rehearsal room
-Responding to provocations through writing
-Other things I don’t know yet

What I think I’m looking for

-An artist, writer and/or performer (you don’t really need to self-identify as all of these, but be comfortable or at least open to wearing all these hats). Although the process will involve stepping into personas, it likely won’t involve acting in a traditional sense.
-Someone excited by the possibilities of working an idea through metaphors and questioning of theatrical form
-Someone who is interested in the explorations of the piece
-Someone who connects with my work in some way
-Someone happy to be part of a group facilitated by me in which we are feeling our way through a process

There are no specific requirements in terms of age, gender, ability or physical appearance.

Practical information

-Dates for this R&D period are 10-14 July approx 10am-6pm (as mentioned, some conflicts can possibly be accommodated). The public showing at 7.30pm on 14th July is required.
-Pay is £120 per day/£600 for the week
-This will take place in London so I’d be looking for a London-based collaborator or someone who can base themselves in London for the week
-This is an early-stage R&D for a project that will hopefully have a future life, but at this stage there would be no commitment from either you or me for you to be involved beyond this initial week.

If this sounds interesting to you or if you have any questions, please email me on by 5pm Monday 19th June. You can keep it brief, but please let me know a little about you and why you’re interested in the project, plus links to your work or information about it.


Call it a Day is produced in partnership with Los Angeles Performance Practice, and was initially developed as part of the Los Angeles Performance Practice residency program with the Center for the Art of Performance at UCLA. Seed commissioned by Shoreditch Town Hall and The Yard and supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

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  1. Lo bil says:

    This is a beautiful call out Greg, wish I knew you then! Happy 2018, hope you are well! lo bil

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