Durational Call it a Day at Experimentica

NEWS! I’ve been working on a new project called Call it a Day in different iterations for some time now. At the moment, this is how I’m talking about it:

Call it a Day stems from a real meeting with a traditional Amish couple on a freezing snowy day in January 2009. From a remembered account of one afternoon, an almost musical series of repetitions are set in motion. A strange and kaleidoscopic examination of the possibility and impossibility of understanding one another.

One thing I wanted to share with you is that I will be working in collaboration with Ben Babbitt to design the sound. Ben is a composer, sound-designer and performer based in Los Angeles who makes scores for films, video games and performances in addition to touring and releasing both solo and collaborative recordings.

I know his work best from the totally magical and strange game, Kentucky Route Zero, and I’m SO EXCITED to be working with him and for you to hear what we come up with.

Another thing I wanted to share is that some of the process so far will culminate in an open studio/durational work-in-progress at Experimentica Festival, taking place at Chapter in Cardiff on Friday 13th April. We will be performing constantly from sunrise at 6.22am to sunset at 8.06pm. Here’s how I’m talking about what we’re going to do:

At Experimentica 2018, we will present an open studio work-in-progress: from sunrise to sunset, four performers will repeat Greg’s remembered conversation with an Amish couple on a loop. Throughout the course of the day, the repetitions will morph into new possibilities using a mixture of prepared and improvised material. We expect it to be unwieldy, strange, ridiculous and pointed.

The project involves working with other performers in the making and performance of the show, and this continues to be a rotating group of super smart, engaged, fantastic artists who have worked with me at various stages. In Cardiff I will be working with a total dream team to add to the pool of people who have worked on the piece so far. I’ve asked them to introduce themselves:

Amelia Stubberfield is an actor, theatre maker, comedian, writer and director. They trained at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama graduating with a BA Hons in Acting. Recent projects have included their solo show Borderline at Vaults Festival 2018 and Bullish with theatre company Milk Presents, at Camden People’s Theatre.

Tim Bromage is a performer, musician, and poet based in Wales. His practice draws upon a number of areas of interest, including stage magic and folk traditions. Costume and props are combined with text and other ‘activities’ to create unique and fractured narratives. 

Mireya Lucio is a witch, performer, writer, educator, and multi-disciplinary artist from Puerto Rico working in live performance, video, and community happenings. She lives in Los Angeles.

Come check out what we’re doing if you’re near Cardiff and keep an eye out for the eventual premiere of the show in early 2019. I’m excited.

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