Celebration, Florida: Alone in This Hotel Room

A few weeks ago I found myself in a hotel room in Plymouth while touring Story #1 with Rachel Mars. 

I consider the idea of the hotel room to be foundational to Celebration, Florida, my performance orbiting around ideas of stand ins, longing and treading water. I asked Rachel to take a few photos of me, and the result is a sort of impromptu photo project with the ideas of Celebration, Florida in mind.

It made me think of part of a written response Simon Bowes made to Celebration, Florida:

“The performance describes Wohead – or some version of him – as sitting, lying, but restlessly, not quite in repose, rattling around in a hotel room…The image I form of him is the image of someone pacing. To pace around a room is hardly to navigate but to wayfare from point to point, moment to moment. It is as much a state of concentration as of distraction, or may be better described as a constant state of movement between the two. The writing that forms the show might have taken place anywhere, but it occurs in the desire lines that might be traced listlessly around a hotel room.

In the hotel described in Celebration, Florida, Wohead is restless and bored. It is a story of ennui. To have ennui is to be listless, dissatisfied, and certainly melancholic. Much drama onstage and elsewhere in the world comes from a perceived lack of time. In Celebration, Florida, there is far too much time for its protagonist to know what to do with. Situated in the hotel room, he might be thought of as waiting, or avoiding the worst of what waiting can mean.”

Full text here.

Upcoming performances of Celebration, Florida:

LONDON // Soho Theatre // 19-23 June
WARRINGTON // Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival // 13 July
BRISTOL // Tobacco Factory // 14-17 November

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