Reasons to Revisit Texas

Right now I’m sitting in a cafe in Brooklyn, thinking about my trip to Texas tomorrow to work on The Many Apologies of Pecos Bill. the piece is about Texas and bigger ideas of home, nostalgia and how we piece together an identity from traces of the past. So I thought it would be important […]

Bill at The Yard

It’s a week on from the 4-day run of The Many Apologies of Pecos Bill at The Yard. What fun it was. Thanks to Jay Miller and Tarek Iskander at The Yard as well as fellow Artistic Associates Alex Rennie and Martin Constantine for their support with the show. Thanks also to the rest of […]

a second helping of Bill

Another week on The Many Apologies of Pecos Bill has seen me working solo. Well, sometimes with a projector. I’ve spent a good week writing, post-it-arranging and listening to a lot (a lot) of Townes Van Zandt. And because I was in Brighton all week, I swam in the sea most mornings. That’s something I […]

Sharing Bill

Development for The Many Apologies of Pecos Bill has started in earnest. It feels good. I’ve been working for the past week with a terrific musician collaborator, Mat Martin. Here’s a bit of video; a glimpse into five days of development: I’m making more of an effort to document my process this time around—this little […]