Ted Bundy visits Manchester

I’m sitting on a train between Manchester Piccadilly and London Euston, hurtling away from two weeks at Contact Theatre thinking and making around The Ted Bundy Project as part of the Flying Solo Commission. I’m thinking about stories and why we want them; why we seem to naturally impose them on our chaotic, mysterious world. […]

On the road with Pecos Bill

On the road with Pecos Bill

It has been in the works for quite awhile—residencies with Waleslab and The Basement, work-in-progress showings at The Yard and Battersea Arts Centre, a pilgrimage to the desert of West Texas to see the Davis Mountains and McDonald Observatory, a Performance in the Pub—and now I’m thrilled to announce an autumn tour for The Many […]

Revisiting #100days

You may or may not (probably not) remember back in 2009, that I did this little thing called 100 Days To Make Me a Better Person. It was a project connected to the London Word Festival that year with a simple concept: make a commitment to doing something each day for 100 days that will, […]

Ted Bundy goes to camp

So I just got back from the Orchard Project. It was a dreamy week spent in Hunter, New York working on The Ted Bundy Project and MY GOD. It was great. Firstly, I stayed in this house: And the wall of my bedroom looked like this: So it was off to a good start. The […]