Revisiting #100days

You may or may not (probably not) remember back in 2009, that I did this little thing called 100 Days To Make Me a Better Person. It was a project connected to the London Word Festival that year with a simple concept: make a commitment to doing something each day for 100 days that will, […]

100 Days and Beyond

So the 100 Days are over.  There was a big lovely event where everyone showed off what they had been up to and Josie Long and a few other people talked about their project.  Look here for stuff about the fantastic event. So am I a better person?  You could muse all day about what […]

Welcome Home!

Lou: Ah, home. This bed never felt so soft. Jess: I should have told you this sooner– Lou: What. Jess: Tigger gave birth on your pillow. • I’ve only just realized that I’m about to complete my first 27 List item: Likely Story is doing a project this weekend: On Saturday 6th Feb, Likely Story […]

The First Step to 26.2 Miles

Harry ties his trainers, heads to the door. Stops. He forgot his iPod. Goes to get it, comes back. Braces himself. Goes out the door. • Today wasn’t actually my first step to finishing the Brighton Marathon (though it makes for better dramatic effect in a twitterplay), it was sort of my first actual step, […]