How I learned to write

Second Most Embarrassing Moment Karen: Oh my god, I haven’t seen you in ages! When was the last time? Dan: At the drugstore last year. How’s your halitosis, by the way? ——— This is Why I Married You Graham: How do you spell halitosis? Mary (in the other room): Why? Graham: Just for this play. […]

My 15 minutes of fame (ok, maybe more like 2).

This Year is Different Ned: Whew! Great start on my New Year’s resolution! Amazing run, REALLY feeling the burn. Sal: You just ran for the bus. Ned: So. • Also, this made my day.  My week even (maybe my month, I’m still deciding): So what if I paid him $5 to make fun of me? […]

30 Days In

What in Tarnation Jim: Not sure what to wear to this cowboy party. Nancy: What are the options? Jim: Wyatt Earp, John Wayne or Dr Quinn Medicine Woman. —————— Just wanted to say thanks to all those who have thrown suggestions my way both here and on Twitter.  I’ll get to them all before the […]

On the Mining Industry

First Day Down the Mine or How I Developed Chiroptophobia Two headlamps in the darkness. Squeaking. Gary: What the- Pete: Bats. Short pause. Gary: There are bats in here? —————— Well, it’s sort of inspired by the mining industry.  Takes place in a mine anyway.  I mean it’s obviously a metaphorical criticism of the industry […]