5 Reasons to See ‘I never even killed a bird’.

1. You get to hear about Texans and their guns. 2. Dolly Parton may or may not be there.* 3. Find out the truth about Jerry Hall. 4. Visit the lovely Yard Theatre. 5. Experience my mad ukulele skillz.** Fri 16th, Sat 17th September 7.30pm The Yard, Hackney Wick *She won’t. **I don’t really have mad […]

100 Days and Beyond

So the 100 Days are over.  There was a big lovely event where everyone showed off what they had been up to and Josie Long and a few other people talked about their project.  Look here for stuff about the fantastic event. So am I a better person?  You could muse all day about what […]

Day 101

Long Live the Queen Cy: I’ve got a surprise. Deb: Please listen. I just said I want to break up. Cy: So this isn’t a good time to show you my Union Jack thong? • So, only nine more days to go.  I’ve got two items to put forward on the agenda. 1. The Museum […]

Homage/Plagiarism Week

Right I’ve finally got caught up on my 100days project.  It has been a bit hit-and-miss the past couple of weeks, so I hope I can power on through to day 100. It’s homage (plagiarism) week, so my I’m taking some inspiration from some of my favourite 100 dayers: Day 73: This One’s For Gran […]