// a performance for one

I have a message for you from the past. Ok, it’s a message from this morning, so it may be the recent past. But it’s still the past.

This is an invitation to remember a previous version of yourself, to imagine a future version and to wonder who that makes you now. We’ll start with a true story. Your true story.

You’re driving down a dark road in the early morning. The windows are fogging up.

Hurtling is an outdoor performance for one with a cassette player and headphones that’s remade for each location in which it’s performed. It’s a glimpse of a fleeting moment as it zooms past; an attempt to grasp at a slippery present.

Made with support from Bristol Ferment, The Yard and Hatch. A previous version of Hurtling was developed in part through Waleslab, National Theatre Wales’ artist development initiative. The piece is available for touring. Please get in contact for more information.

Date Venue City
7 June ’14 Harrogate Theatre Harrogate
6-10 August ’14 Forest Fringe Edinburgh
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