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//a performance

Call it a Day is a new performance orbiting around ideas of control and release and how we understand each other.

Through this lens, four performers will portray a remembered conversation between two liberal urbanites an Amish couple that repeats over and over. Like a live art Amish Groundhog Day.

Through an almost musical progression of repetitions, this remembered conversation turns into a strange, kaleidoscopic examination of how we present ourselves to one another—how we control our self-presentation, and when we lose it. In an increasingly divided American cultural landscape, this is partly a live think-through of the tensions between the liberal and the conservative, the progressive and the traditional, the secular and the faithful.

There will be an original soundtrack.
There will be a framework that holds space for improvisation.
All the performers will cry.

Call it a Day is currently in the early stages of development. It has so far been supported through a residency at the Center for the Art of Performance at UCLA with Los Angeles Performance Practice. We are currently seeking further support for the development and presentation of the performance.