// a durational performance

In January 2009, Greg Wohead and his then-partner found themselves in rural Illinois sitting at the kitchen table of an Amish couple, Samuel and Martha Herschberger. Across that table, they attempted to share a conversation across divergent perspectives.

Crack of Dawn is a day-long improvised durational performance that takes place from sunrise to sunset, taking the idea of that original conversation as its source and replaying it again. And again and again and again.

As the day carries on, the performers work their way through against a live responsive soundtrack, becoming increasingly exhausted, drawing longform connections, letting their guard down and exploring ideas of understanding and misunderstanding, connection and disconnection and familiarity and strangeness.

Jokes recur, façades slip and there might be Time After Time karaoke.

Crack of Dawn is currently available for touring.

Call It a Day, an evening-length companion piece to Crack of Dawn using the same performers, can be programmed in tandem with Crack of Dawn or on its own.

Concept and performance Greg Wohead
Originally realised & performed with 
Tim Bromage, Mireya Lucio, Amelia Stubberfield and Ben Babbitt
Composing and sound design
Ben Babbitt
Scene Design Consultant 
Shannon Scrofano
Laura Sweeney
Photography Paul Blakemore

With thanks to artists and performers who have been involved in the development of Crack of Dawn: Eirini Kartsaki, Ryan Masson, Lisa Dring, Ernie Silva, Mo Faraji, Vera Chok, Season Butler, Hector Dyer, Jesse Saler, Jessica Hanna, Jorge Andrade, José Capela, Vânia Rodrigues

Crack of Dawn is co-commissioned by Theatre in the Mill, South Street, University of Reading, Chapter and The Yard with additional support from Shoreditch Town Hall. The development was supported by a residency programme with Los Angeles Performance Practice at CAP UCLA and mala voadora’s Dois por Dois residency program supported by Inresidenceporto. Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England with additional funding by the Peggy Ramsay Foundation.


14 October 18 // LAX Festival, Los Angeles, USA
13 April 18 // Chapter, Cardiff, UK