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In the Shawshank Redemption, wrongly convicted Andy Dufresne spends years digging a tunnel to freedom from his prison cell. He hides his work under a large picture of Rita Hayworth. On the day of his escape, Andy crawls his way towards the outside world and perfectly replaces the poster on the wall to mask his escape route. We’re so emotionally satisfied when Andy rips off his prison uniform in the rain that we forget to ask how he could possibly have replaced the poster from inside the tunnel.

But how *could* he possibly have replaced the poster from inside the tunnel?

What holes are we prepared to overlook in order to stay comfortable?

Following Mars and Wohead’s cult hit Story #1Gaping Hole (Story #3) is the third part in a non-linear trilogy about radical narrative.

Ovalhouse, London
8-23 November

Rachel Mars and Greg Wohead Concept and Performance
Helen Mugridge Production Manager
Nao Nagai Lighting Designer
Olivia Boyd Technical Stage Manager
Daniel Gal Director of Photography
Deborah Pearson Dramaturg
Alex Brenner Production Photos

Main image credits:
Christa Holka Photographer
David Curtis-Ring Art Direction and Set Design
Alexander Innes Post Production