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The first few in a planned series of Recorded Chats with people in and around theatre and performance. An excuse to talk to people about who they are, what they value and how they like to work, and to share those chats with other people.

More about Recorded Chats here.

Recorded Chat 4: Christopher Brett Bailey on whimsy, making violent work, THIS IS HOW WE DIE and The Ted Bundy Project.   Recorded Chat 3: Mike van Alfen on artists having mutually supportive relationships, solitude and falling flat on your face.   Recorded Chat 2: Brian Logan on artist support, comedy as theatre as comedy, and some of the thinking behind the way CPT works. All while sitting in a warm little room under the theatre.   Recorded Chat 1: Rebecca Atkinson-Lord on theatrical mavericks, food as art, the best ways of taking risks and supporting artists, the value (or not) of public work-in-progress showings and the word ‘lovely’ as insult.

photo by Rod Farry

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